Have questions about qualifying, security deposits, or move out procedures? We have provided answers to frequently asked questions below.


How can I qualify to rent from Feel Good Property Management?
A: See our rental criteria on our Tenant Services page or call us for questions.

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Q: Do I need to obtain renters insurance?
A: Yes, we require all renters to obtain liability insurance. It is a small cost per year and provides valuable security for you, your family, and the property. We do not require full coverage of your belongings.


Q: How can I get the most of amount back for my security deposit?
A: The most important thing is to care for the home and avoid damaging the property. Be sure to immediately report any maintenance issues such as leaks and other repairs that can cause further damage to the property. Also, please review our move-out guidelines on our Tenant Services page prior to move out. It outlines the cleaning requirements and other important information.


Q: When will my security deposit be returned?
A: We will send your deposit within 21 days by state law from the date you turn over possession back to us.

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Q: Can I repair, modify, or paint the property myself?
A: Before starting any repairs, modifications, or painting, the owner must provide approval. Please contact Feel Good Property Management with any modification requests and we will ask the property owner. If approved, we will get back to you quickly and help you along the way. If you make changes to the property without authorization, the cost to return the property to the previous state may be taken from your deposit.


Q: Can I install window air conditioners?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot allow tenants to install window air conditioners. It alters the state of the window. You can purchase portable AC’s from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Craigslist.

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Q: Can I install a satellite dish?
A: You may use any type of service you wish. However, you may NOT install a satellite dish on the roof, eves, or fences. It must be installed on a tripod. Please ask management if you have questions, some HOA communities require prior authorization before installation.

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Q: How do I request maintenance?
A: Maintenance requests may be called in or submitted online through our maintenance request form. Simply describe the problem or request and click submit. We will respond within 24 hours, contact a repair-person, and get it fixed as quickly as possible. For emergencies, such as flooding, please call us ASAP with the details of the emergency! If your emergency is fire or bodily harm, please dial 911.


Q: Who pays for consumable / recurring item costs, such as fridge filters, vent filters, sprinkler heads, HVAC filters?
A: Tenants are responsible for recurring (consumable item) costs such as fridge filters, vent filters, bathroom curtains / rods, etc.
For sprinklers:
– If there is a gardener on the property, owners are responsible for replacing sprinklers (unless it is clear tenant damage).
– If there is no gardener on the property, tenants are responsible replacing sprinklers.

Still need clarification?  Please contact us!

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