At Feel Good Property Management, we strive to provide the best service so we treat your property like it’s our own. To show you we’re serious about aligning our goals with the goals of our home owners, we offer six Performance Guarantees gra jack.

Speedy Leasing Guarantee

We know that the biggest question for many of our home owners is, “when will my home be rented?” Our goal is to reduce vacancy so your home isn’t sitting on the market for too long. We guarantee that a qualified tenant will be secured within 21 days or the first monthly management fee is waived! For this guarantee, we do insist that approved pets are allowed and that you follow our advice for the rent pricing strategy.

Eviction Free Guarantee

We are so confident in our tenant application screening process that we will pay up to $1,000 of attorney fees to pay for an eviction caused from non-payment of rent by any fully approved tenant we placed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

research paper traveling salesman problem We strive to do our best for everyone we work with and build strong relationships with our home owners, tenants, and vendors. If a home owner is not satisfied with our services, we ask that you let us know right away so we can rectify the situation. If we are unable to rectify the situation, you can cancel our property management agreement contract at any time, with no cancellation fees or penalties, with a 30-day written notice.

No Rent, No Fee Guarantee

where can i buy ivermectin If there’s no rent coming in, you don’t pay the monthly management fee. It’s that simple! We guarantee that no monthly management fees are paid during vacancy or eviction.

Tenant Replacement Guarantee

To ease the stress of unexpected vacancy, we offer the Tenant Replacement Guarantee. If a tenant breaks their lease or is evicted within the first 12 months of their tenancy, we will place new tenants free of charge. That way, you never have to pay two Tenant Placement Fees in the same 12 month period. The exception to this guarantee is federal relocation situations (i.e. deployment orders), which are out of the tenants’ and our control.

Pet Protection Guarantee

We encourage home owners to allow approved pets in your rental property to get as much interest as possible when marketing the property. To help your peace of mind if you allow pets, we will pay for damages caused by approved pets exceeding the security deposit up to $1,000.

Still want more information? Take a look at what we have to offer!

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