If you find yourself on this page of our website you are probably interested in the detailed nuts and bolts of Feel Good Property Management, Inc.
We appreciate your attention to detail. We operate our business with the same level of thoroughness. We use our team’s 10+ years of industrial / systems engineering experience and 10+ years of technical property management experience to create efficient business systems that minimize risk to your property and maximize your investment returns.
These sample documents are all generated electronically (paperless) with automated systems, advanced customized web-based software, and attention to detail. The foundation and content for these documents are based on our past property management experience and our legal counsel. Please note, our process is continually improving, therefore these documents may change in the future and may be slightly different than the documents we send you. We encourage you to review the actual contract documents that we send you because they may change.
Documents during startup, vacancy, and turnovers:

Rental Analysis Report – This document compares the price and size other comparable rental listings.  Owner receives this document before we list the property.

Property Management Agreement – This document is an agreement between you (the owner) and Feel Good Property Management, Inc.

Weekly Vacancy Performance Report – This report is automatically emailed to you once per week during vacancy. It shows invaluable details such as how many people have inquired, number of RSVPs, number of showings, perspective tenant feedback, etc.

Move In / Move Out Inspection Report – This document is an inspection report used during property turnovers. We pride ourselves in the details and thoroughness. (Please note this is a large file (11 MB) so it may take some time to load.)

Documents during tenancy:

Annual Inspection Report – We conduct an annual internal inspection each year and provide a digital report with photos and notes.  The owner gets a report emailed to them and the tenant gets a notice emailed to them if there are any issues that need to be fixed.

Tenant Performance Report – Straightforward and informative, this report is a breakdown of your tenant’s performance over the past 12 months so you can quickly see if they have been late on rent, had any disciplinary items, and how they’ve treated the home. This is an essential report that helps determine next steps regarding the lease expiration.

Accounting Documents:

Monthly Statement – This statement shows the money into and out of the trust account, based on your particular property. It also shows all of the actual invoices from the vendors for any work conducted on property.

Yearly Tax Documents – These documents include a full year cash flow report and a 1099. You can easily hand these documents over to your CPA for tax filing.

In conclusion, FGPM prides itself on its technology, efficiency, and detail oriented execution. If you are shopping around for different property management companies, we encourage you to ask them for their reports to compare.
Note: All of the documents and content from our website are intellectual property of Feel Good Property Management, Inc. and cannot be used or altered or shared without written permission from Feel Good Property Management, Inc.