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I’ve seen a lot of moving in working in Real Estate Sales & Rentals for over ten years. At Feel Good Property Management and Home Sales we’ve seen a lot of moving in the last year. The majority of our clients are home owners moving out of their personal home – mostly relocating, down-sizing, or growing. While we are helping new residents move into rental homes, we are also helping our home owners relocate.

What do you think of moving? Go ahead, think of the first thing. Unsettling, tiresome, I hate packing… I hate unpacking. Downsizing. Address Changes. Transferring Utilities. Moving Trucks. Storage. Change. New. Adventure!? It’s an endless list.

Whatever words came to mind, positive, negative, or indifferent; here is a quick checklist and helpful tips.

  1. Making the home search easy is a big task but we think the best platforms are ZillowRealtor, and Redfin because of their intuitive user interfaces and depth of information.
  2. Packing supplies can be simply ordered online through Amazon. Pro tip: get free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. Home Depot and Lowes have great prices on boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Truck rental companies often charge the most for these items, so planning in advance will save you money. Did you know you can hire a company to pack for you? Try your local Yelp listings. Read reviews and make sure to check for their insurance coverage for potential loss or damages.
  3. For moving truck rentals or moving companies, you can find recommended companies on Yelp, but make sure to check for liability and damage/loss insurance for any people you hire to move your belongings. There are the traditional rental trucks for across town or cross country. Try U-Haul, Ryder, or Penske where you can calculate costs and reserve your truck online.
  4. Moving day can be the most tiring part of the process. Make sure to get plenty of rest the day before. Prepare an ice chest with plenty of fluids, quick snacks, and stay hydrated. When ordering take out or delivery, make sure you request plates, napkins, and utensils (things that are often packed up). If you haven’t thought of it yet, most people forget to have toilet paper handy at their new house, keep a roll out for the move. Wet wipes are also another great thing to have on hand.
  5. Lot of communities now offer quick utility transfer where they help set up your water, trash, sewer, phone, cable, gas/propane, electric, and internet all in one call. Check your local directories for assistance.
  6. Don’t forget to call your insurance agent to transfer your home owners or renters insurance. Make sure to ask them what type of coverage you have while moving. You may avoid some extra costs from moving companies and/or truck rental charges.
  7. Change your address quickly and efficiently with the online process from USPS. Be mindful though, you also need to change your address for each account you hold through the actual organization (i.e. call or change your address online with your personal bank). Be prepared to have your banking information for authentication of request.
  8. Moving to a smaller place or moving away short term? You might need storage. PODS delivers straight to your new home anywhere in the country upon request. There are other services, such as Big Box and UPack, that can help. If you’re military, don’t forget to ask for a discount as they are often provided.
  9. Buying new furniture for your new place or selling your old furniture from your old place is often done during a move. There are online platforms to easily sell items without holding a garage sale. For buying new, try sites like AllModern where you can sign up and start making idea boards for each room to keep track of your styles and colors. There are tons of reviews on each product to get a better feel for the item you wish to purchase.
  10. Let’s face it, moving to a new state, starting a new job, or changing schools is stressful. It’s a lot easier if you have support. If you’re lucky, you may already have friends and family in the area you’re moving. If you don’t, make sure to go online and find communities to join. There are tons of people and activities on Meetup, and you can find great babysitters, dog sitters, or even house cleaners with Care. Additionally Moving offers information on schools and neighborhoods. Remember to say goodbye to your old house, studies show verbally saying goodbye creates less feelings of loss or grief when moving into a new home.

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Article by Bethany Luchetta, Feel Good Property Management Broker

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